The Shirinatra x Gaâla Paris Collection II

One of my dream jobs as a little girl was to become a fashion designer. I spent a lot of my time drawing dresses and dreaming of wearing them one day. One of my other hobbies was to dress up and turn myself into different characters. Therefore fashion has always been a big part of my life, in different kinds of ways and now two decades later it’s still the same.

I see fashion as a way to express yourself. A way to give your life a little extra sparkle every day. A way to, in some way or another, evolve as a person.


When Gaâla Paris reached out to me back in 2020, after hosting a design contest which I attended as well, I was head over heels and didn’t have to think about it twice. After a successful first collection in 2021, we started working on our second collection for 2022 which is now available for purchase here.

By following a made to order philosophy and using only limited dead stock fabrics, we’re able to reduce an overproduction and make the designs truly unique – which was something very important to me.


A first look: sketches

A closer look: the final pieces

The overall thought behind this collection was to bring back the beautiful styles of the past with a modern twist. As someone who takes inspiration from a lot of different fashion decades – from the Victorian Era to the 1970’s – I wanted to include a variety of different pieces. Pieces you could wear in your day to day life but also for special occassions – timeless and classic. Each design of this collection has its own back story and inspiration, so let’s take a closer look!

The Watson Coat


Are you ready for a stylish adventure? Inspired and named after John Watson from ‘The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes’, this coat is the perfect piece for every mystery and fashion lover. The classic trench coat is a must-have for every wardrobe and its little detachable cape adds the perfect unique touch. The sewn in pockets allow you to store all of your clues and if it gets too warm during your adventures, you can also wear the cape by itself. No matter if paired with a dress or pants, this coat is a great companion and always timeless.

The Grace Dress

Sometimes less is more – that was the thought when designing the Grace Dress. This beautiful linen piece was inspired by the classic hour glass cuts of the 1950’s, in particular by the fashion icon Grace Kelly. Her fashion choices showed us the beauty of simplicity and this dress is an homage to that. The classic high collar, buttoned bodice, swing skirt and bishop sleeves allow you to dress it up or down but what makes it truly perfect are the sewn in pockets – a total must have!

The Audrey Skirt

A black skirt is the must-have staple item in everyone’s wardrobe and that’s how this skirt, named after Audrey Hepburn, came to life! It comes with a classic a-line cut, sewn in pockets and belt loops at the waistband to secure a great fit. Depending on the styling it can make you feel like Audrey Hepburn or an Edwardian painter and will help you to bring that timeless class into your day to day life – without even trying!

A styling video featuring the skirt

The Mary Blouse

The early 1900’s are known for their beautfiul white blouses and the Mary Blouse is an homage to that era. A high collar and bishop sleeves are reminiscent of that time and still make a great look today. The little button closures on the neck and the cuffs are the perfect eyecatcher on this yet so simple piece. It may be inspired by the Edwardian era but it also works for every other decade!

Fun fact: Its name Mary was inspired by the character Mary Crawley from the series “Downton Abbey”. A lot of people tell me that I remind them of her whenever they watch the show.

The Marianne Skirt

You want to feel like a 1960’s icon? Then the ‘Marianne Skirt’ will be the perfect choice! The A-line shape was inspired by the late 1960’s and its stretchy beige fabric provides not only a lot of comfort but also works perfectly with a variety of colors. This piece could be straight out of a 1960’s window shop but lucky for you it’s available today.

The Nancy Dress

The Swinging Sixties are calling, they want their dress back! Named after Nancy Sinatra, this dress was inspired by the revolutionary mini dresses of the 1960’s.  The cream sleeves and collar build the perfect contrast to its colorful bodice and skirt. It makes a true eyecatcher if you pair it with some colorful tights – no matter where you go or swing your night away.

The Rita Blouse & Kate Pants

Named after the iconic Rita Hayworth, this silk blouse was inspired by the timeless cuts of the 1930’s and 1940’s. Puffy sleeves, little gathered details on the shoulders and the back and a v-neckline – a simple but classic cut, which allows you to combine it with many different pieces and makes a great staple item.

Everyone needs a good fitted pair of high waisted pants in their wardrobe! The Kate Pants were named after Katharine Hepburn who was a great example for making this piece wearable for woman back in the early 20th century. The wide legs provide class and comfort and its sewn in belt loops can help to create a timeless hourglass shape.

The Doris Coat

The perfect coat for all your dresses (& pants)! It was inspired by the classic design of the trenchcoat but its hourglass sillhouette and midi length emulates the timelessness of the 1950s. The collar was constructed to be worn in two different ways and the beige wool makes it versatile for many color combinations. A coat that will keep you warm and stylish – just like Doris Day in her famous rom-coms which gave the coat its name.

A video featuring the coat

The Betty Blazer

A waist accentuated long blazer with pockets and button details inspired by the 1940’s and named after one of its biggest icons Lauren Bacall, who’s actual first name was Betty. She was known for wearing beautifully tailored blazers during many decades and inspired us to create our own timeless piece. A must-have for every strong woman!


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