The Shirinatra x Rose Cherie Paris Hat Collection

Hats have been a major part of fashion history in all shapes and sizes but in todays world it’s quite unbelievable to imagine that men and women used to not leave their houses without covering their heads. It was a mandatory part of fashion and society but over the course of the past 20+ years the accessory became less and less prominent. Which is a shame!

For me they still are an important accessory. They make an outfit much more interesting, layered and rounded. There were times when I was too scared to wear a hat because I knew I would stand out. But as I grew older, I stopped caring about the thoughts of others and today I rarely go outside without a hat – whether it’s a more simple beret and flatcap or a big eye-catching straw hat. I love how they tie an outfit together and make me feel special!

Whenever you wear your hat, your day will be special.

Margo Nickel

When Stella from Rose Cherie Paris reached out to me for a potential hat design collaboration, I had a lot of ideas. But as we were heading into the summer season, I came up with some classic straw hat designs. You can get my designs here, but at first let’s have a look at all seven hats!

The Anne Small Boater Hat

This design was named and inspired by Anne Shirley from the “Anne of Green Gables” book series and is available in 4 different colors – black, beige, sage green and brown. It’s the most versatile piece in the collection!

So many hats and only one head!


The Violet Straw Hat

The next in the row, is the fanciest design of the collection. It’s perfect accessory to add a touch of classic extravagance to your look. Whether it’s for day to day life or a special occasion, this hat will make you stand out! It was inspired and named after Violet Crawley from the series “Downton Abbey” and is available in white and brown.

A great hat speaks for itself.


The Shirin Straw Hat

Last but not least, the hat named after myself, is a everyday version of the Violet Hat. Classic simplicity are the perfect two words to describe this piece and paired with a flowy dress it will make you feel like the heroine of your own story! It’s available in sage green.

The personality of the wearer and the hat makes the hat.

Philip Treacy

How to style straw hats for Autumn

Who said straw hats are only for spring and summer? Let me show you how you can wear this piece during the colder months as well!

The brown Anne Small Boater Hat paired with a trenchcoat, turtleneck blouse, checked skirt and leather boots.


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